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How did I get here?


Growing up, I was surrounded by artists and

engineers. So, it’s not surprising that my

passion would ultimately turn to something

both technical and artistic. I graduated from

college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering

and immediately went off to work in California for

the Space Shuttle program. It was an amazing

experience to put to use all that I had learned

from my degree.


Yet, during my time spent in California, my lifelong

love of photography continued to grow. I can

say ‘lifelong’ since I’ve owned a camera for as long

as I can remember and have always been the one

to record every important (and not so important)

event in my life, along with my family and friends.

This love of record keeping, along with my natural

tendency to record it artistically, eventually led to

my first SLR camera 11 years ago when I was

introduced to backpacking by my Californian friends.

We would go to some of the most remote locations

in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and I guess I felt a

40 lb backpack wasn’t heavy enough. So, I added

another 10 lbs of camera equipment to make it

more challenging to hike 15 miles. I cannot describe

how beautiful the landscape was during our trips.

I guess I feel the words I lack are somehow expressed

through my photos. Hence, my obsession with nature

photography was born. I bought every type of lens,

filter, and film (remember film?) I could get my hands

on. I experimented with color, B&W and slide film.

When that wasn’t enough, I took courses at the local

college where I learned more about composition,

darkroom techniques and eventually digital



Since then, I have become a mother of two and

not surprisingly, my subject has changed from

obscure landscapes to children and families.

I love capturing moments that are real. Yes, I

will occasionally say, “Hi, over here. Can you

smile?” However, mostly I like to get candid

shots since they can truly record a person’s



If this is the style in which you want to capture

you and your family, contact me to schedule

your session.